ServicesPrice €
Bioresonance computer diagnostics (Dr. N. Trofimova)40
Therapist's consultation (Dr. N. Trofimova)25
Consultation on family medicine (also children's consultation)45
Consultation on family medicine (also children's consultation) (multiple)40
Nutrition consultancy30
Nutrition consultancy (multiple)20
Food intolerance blood test (60 ingredients)160
Food intolerance blood test (176 ingredients)220
Consultancy after intolerance food blood test20
FiguraGen test115
Genetic Test of Athletic Abilities115
Genetic Test for Weight Management115
Nutritional consulting40
Classical healing massage (1 h)25
Physio body stretching25
Colon hydrotherapy30
Blood sugar test5
Cholesterol test5
Urine test3
Salt (laxative)5
Leech treatment20
Price per leech5
Probiotic - liquid 1 l (31 bacteria) 39
Probiotic - dry (12 bacteria)35
Laser treatment10
Microelement analysis (25 elements)90
Microelement analysis (40 elements)130
Gift cards50
Cancellation of the visit no later than 24 hours before the reception time