Our aim at Biokliinik is to combine methods of naturopathy present in Estonia and Europe with contemporary medicine.  We offer various treatments including physiotherapy and treatment of internal diseases. Our resident doctor Dr.Natalia Trofimova, family medicine consultation Dr.Anne Silbaum, osteopath Dr. Juri Remyga and GP Dr.Galina Seremeta are at your disposal.

Our partners in tests and laboratory analysis are laboratories in Estonia and Russia. The test that determines mineral contain in hair is done at a laboratory in Moscow.

Our doctors will listen to your problem and try to find a cause and suitable cure for you.

One common problem that we deal with is excess weight. First, we determine the reason why the extra weight has accumulated. We implement various tests to determine this – for example hidden food intolerance test or micro-element test that determine the chemical components in the body (elements Ca, Se, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Cr, Mg) as well as heavy metals (Pb, Al, Cd, Ti, Hg). This way we can determine which mineral or metal is present too much or too little.

Main test for weight problems are food intolerance tests and various genetic tests f.ex. sports gene test.

Good results can also be obtained with colon cleaning hydrotherapy, which can help the body to regain its balance and strengthen the immune system.

We also offer therapeutic massage and leech therapy.

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Tel/fax: +372 740 5004
e-mail: info@biokliinik.ee