Food intolerance. If a person eats products that he/she intolerates, then food is not completely digested in digestive tract  The end products – amino-, fatty acids, and  glucose. If they get into blood, then body recognizes them, accepts well, and evenly exposes a maximum quantity of energy. If food gets into blood undigested, the immune system reacts as if it is genetically enthetic substance. This is expressed though various symptoms and pathologic conditions, which, perhaps, do not come out at once, but which, for sure, can accumulate.

Even ecologically clean food may negatively influence even a healthy person. This is hidden food intolerance. For a long time this phenomenon could not be diagnosed; it was previously called a syndrome of chronic fatique. It is expressed by unexplainable depression, migraine and other deviations.

Each person has unique digestive and immune systems. What products person can eat or what products he/she should limit – depends on these systems. 75% of our immune system is placed in intestinal tract that is why it is so important to know what we eat.

If people neglect this rule, then immune system gets weaker due to food intolerance; a number of necessary food enxymes decreases. Undesired food allergenic agents constantly get into body; body can no longer managae with them.

During the test the researchers follow how human’s blood reacts to various molecules of food products. Patient sees how he/she manages with particular food products. The stronger the reaction, the greater the intolerance. Sometimes food intolerance can be  inherent or genetic. In many cases, it is the gluten and milk intolerance. However, it is possible that digestive system changes with years. For example, intolerance may appear when a patient has a weak pancreatic gland function and there’s an excess of some food products .

Cytotoxic test, 60 food products. Vein blood is taken. During the course of the test toxic reaction of red and white blood cells is investigated  – how a food product influences blood cells. If the product has toxic influence, then blood also becomes toxic.  Toxic level is from 1 to 4.

Immunologic test, 300 food products. The test is based on antigenic reaktion. If a body doesn’t accept the products, then there is reaction, level of which is from 1 to 4.