Dr. Natalia Trofimova’s appointment

  • the appointment is a combination of clinical and traditional medicine
  • the main difference between clinical and traditional medicine is that traditional medicine treats the causes and clinical medicine consequences of disease
  • the first appointment consists of examination and diagnostic assessment
  • you should bring your ID or passport
  • in order for the examination run smoothly, we recommend wearing loose clothes that can be removed easily. Before diagnostic begins you need to remove all metal accessories, jewellery and phones
  • diagnostics is done on bare feet and hands, so they must be clean
  • if you have test results from other sources please bring them with you
  • after the first visit you will receive a consultation summary with doctor’s recommendations and opinion on your condition
  • traditional medicine is a method of prophylactic, diagnostics and treatment. It is a combination of world’s cultures knowledge and practices which are older than modern clinical medicine. One could say that clinical medicine is the successor of traditional medicine
  • traditional medicine does not mean solely drinking herbal teas but also homeopathy, which is a cheap and harmless treatment especially for children


  • have a clean skin before coming to treatment. Wash yourself with children’s soap and do not use any creams or perfume. You should not smoke or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment
  • after treatment drink plenty of room-temperature water
  • it is recommended to wear dark clothes

After the treatment it is forbidden to:

  • use blood thinner
  • consume alcohol
  • wash the wound for 24h
  • physical exercise

Wound treatment

  • it is normal for the wound of the bite will bleed for 24-36 hours
  • if the leeches were placed on your legs or feet, they should be kept in the upright position and move as little as possible that day
  • after removal of the first band-aid you should disinfect the wound with antiseptic and cover the wound with a smaller band-aid